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Palli Unnayan Samiti Baruipur
( Social Service Society of the Catholic Diocese of Baruipur )
শুধুমাত্র আর্থিক স্বচ্ছলতা উন্নতির সব কথা নয়, মানুষের মানসিকতার উন্নতি, মূল্যবোধ এবং সমাজ চেতনাই প্রকৃত উন্নতির পরিচয় দেয়

About Us

To build a just society where all live in harmony with nature enhancing for dignity, peace, love and equality.

To empower the vulnerable through a participatory process for sustainable community development.

Our Objectives:
Palli Unnayan believes that momentary development is not the only human development. Our programme intervention has been upholding human dignity. The main focus of our programme is empowerment of the people specially those who are vulnerable from several points of livelihood options. Our main focuses its attention to the sustainable development of the poor and the vulnerable people of its working tract. Through the programme intervention it strives for economical as well as all round development especially social, mental and human values of the people. The focus of our programme is empowerment of the vulnerable families. In our programme we give much importance to the educational support along with one’s life followed by Health, livelihood options, social violence and Environment

Our Strategic Choices
1) Education for Backward Community
2) Health & Nutrition for Disable & Adolescent
3) Education through Community Development
4) Economic Empowerment of Backward Family
5) Integrated Agriculture
6) Natural Resource Management
7) Livelihood

The process of empowerment of PUS:
1) Provide education and health assistance to the underprivileged school children whose possibilities could become School drop- out and victim of child marriage or child labour. Special attention to physically challenged children with medication and physiotherapy.
2) Making people aware of their present vulnerable condition of livelihood. Facilitate them to improve their capacity through need based skill training.
3) Sensitizing them on their rights and responsibilities. Motivate the people to tap the Government facilities.
4) Guiding them to organize themselves to initiate issue based action programme as such human trafficking, safe migration and Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction.

Area of Operation:
Palli Unnayan Samiti Baruipur covers the Diocese of Baruipur, which comprises the whole of 24 Parganas (South) District and a section of Kolkata Metropolis under the police station of Thakurpukur as well as the area under three Blocks of North 24 Parganas. The activities of Palli Unnayan Samiti Baruipur are currently extended to 2093 villages in 31 Blocks through 180 NGOs.

The Founder & Developers of PUS
Fr. John Henrich SJ First Director 1978 – 1985
Fr. Charles Pollet SJ Second Director 1985 – 1988
Fr. Prodeep Roy Third Director 1988 – 1998
Fr. Shyamal Bose Fourth Director 1998 – 2006
Fr. Soosaiappan Y. Fifth Director 2006 – 2014
Fr. Parimal Kanji Sixth Director 2014 – 2020
Fr. Saumen Malik Present Director 2020 – Present


Members of Governing Body
Sl. Name Designation
1. Rt. Rev. Bp. Shyamal Bose President
2. Fr. Saumen Malik Secretary/Director
3. Fr. Kanauj Roy Member
4. Mr. Bishwajit Mukharjee Member
5. Sr. Rejina, A.C. Member
6. Sr. Leena, S.C.C. Member
7. Ms. Minu Bar Member
8. Mr. Ashim Campoo Member
9. Ms. Babli Das Member


PUS Family
Sl. Name Designation
1. Fr. Saumen Malik Director
2. Sr. Victoria Minz, DSA Asst. Director
3. Mr. Daniel Noel Anjous Accountant
4. Mr. David Mondal Asst. Accountant
5. Mr. Sanatan Bagh Project Coordinator
6. Mr. Pralay Bayen Project Coordinator
7. Mr. Rajesh Shaw Project Coordinator
8. Mr. Sudip Sardar Project Coordinator
9. Mr. Shankar Joseph Makhal Project Coordinator
10. Mr. Sanjib Mandal Project Coordinator
11. Mr. Biswambhar Haldar Project Coordinator
12. Mrs. Sujata Mondal Project Coordinator
13. Mrs. Arpita Pramanick Asst. Project Coordinator
14. Md. Elias Khan Driver
15. Mr. Soul Mondal Night Watchman
16. Mr. Paul Bhuniya HRDC – worker
17. Mr. Pankaj Naskar Driver
18. Mr. Gour Ghosh Cook


Our Field Level Strength:
1. 95 Field Level Staff
2. 180 Community Based Organization in the whole District of South 24 Parganas, 4 blocks of North 24 Parganas and 2 Police stations under Kolkata Metropolitan.

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To build a just society where all live in harmony with nature enhancing for dignity, peace, love and equality.

Office time: 09:00 am to 5 pm (Monday to Friday)

  • Address:Fr. Saumen Malik Palli Unnayan Samiti Baruipur C/o Bishop's House, Baruipur, Kolkata-700144

  • Phone:033 2437 8319 / 7890331745

  • Email: pus.baruipur@gmail.com